The Empowered Patient

Let Fusion Chiropractic be your Safe Place for Shelter In Place

Cobb County has issued a State of Emergency which also includes a Shelter In Place Order.  For more updates, click here.For the Declaration of Emergency and it’s definitions, click here.

People seeking medical care are still allowed to go to their doctor’s office. Chiropractors are considered essential healthcare professionals, so your appointment with Dr.Cynthia is still safe. If necessary, use your text/email reminder as proof of your appointment time. We Chiropractors are doing our best to keep patients out of the over-saturated urgent care and hospital emergency rooms for musculo-skeletal pain.

We continue to maintain social distancing by creating enough spacing in between patient visits and we continue to disinfect common surfaces between each patient, as done so by CDC guidelines.  This also includes light switches and door knobs inside the office and outside the building or common entrance to the building.
Now is the time to help manage your stress!Let me know how I can help you.

*Chiropractic Adjustments helps to balance the nervous system, which in turn, brings balance to the immune system.*Massages are still available, although limited availability.*Stress Reduction/Anxiety Relief/Vagus Nerve Stimulation/PTSD Relief is also available using the Erchonia EVRL laser.  Treatment lasts anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes *Coming Soon: medical hypnosis

If you are having any symptoms such asShortness of Breath Fever *100.4 or more Persistent Coughing or have had contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID19 PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Contact your PCP or Department of Public Health for more guidance and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen. We Are All In This TOGETHER!!

Abundant Blessings To You!


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