Meet The Team

More Like, Meet The Family

Dr. Cynthia Seebacher, DC:

Dr. Cynthia has been working in the field of healthcare since the late 1980s with fitness and nutrition, the 1990s in psychiatric hospitals, working with addiction, chronic mental health and chronic pain patients, as well as community outreach with experiential education.  Dr. Cynthia decided she wanted to help people before they became addicted to pain medicines and use a more holistic approach to whole body and mind health.  She became a licensed massage therapist in 1999 focusing on people living with chronic pain and chronic illness.  After 15 years of therapeutic massage and energy healing, she returned to school for her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.  Dr. Cynthia continues to focus on patients living and thriving with chronic pain and chronic illness.  She holds dual licenses for both massage and chiropractic, requiring twice the amount of continuing education than most healing professionals.  Dr. Cynthia has combined both chiropractic and massage together to help her patients feel the most comfortable in their healing process as possible.  While most people think of the soft-tissue work as massage, it is more appropriately called Advanced Myofascial Release where pressure points are held for longer periods of time without the use of lubrication.  This work is highly therapeutic and reaches depths of tissue from the most superficial layers of the skin and all the way down to the periosteum of the bone.  Her combined techniques, along with other modalities, help restore balance to the nervous system so that the body is not in one extreme or the other and can oscillate as needed for optimal healing.

Leah Berkeley, LMT: 

Leah provides a different and unique approach to therapeutic massage for chronic pain and chronic illness patients.  Leah uses a lighter touch which is still just as therapeutic as a deep touch, just different.  Sometimes a person’s nervous system can only handle so much stimulation at one time and this is where the lighter therapeutic touch becomes so important.  Leah also specializes in hypermobile people, such as those living with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, which requires a different approach to therapeutic massage as well.  She is also familiar with people living with Dysautonomia/POTS, and understands the intricacies of managing those types of symptoms while still providing meaningful therapies.  Leah is also trained in using the Avazzia microcurrent devices under Dr. Cynthia’s supervision.  Microcurrent helps to change the tone of the tissue being worked to release scar tissue, muscle spasm, stimulate the Vagus nerve, release sinuses and relieve migraine headaches.

Jordan Carroll:

Jordan is our front desk assistant and office manager.  She helps patients check out and schedule appointments, verify insurance coverage when needed and is basically Dr. Cynthia’s right hand Girl Friday.  She comes to Fusion Chiropractic with years of experience in customer service and management.  She is well versed in working with people living with chronic pain, chronic illness and chronic stress.  Her compassion and calm demeanor has been a true asset in the office.  Ask her any questions and she will find the answer for you.