What to Expect In Our Office

As you schedule your first appointment, you will be asked for an email address and your date of birth to send new patient paperwork to be filled out.  With the click of a button, this information is sent directly to Dr. Seebacher for review. 

All information is secure and HIPPA compliant. We strive to use as little paper as possible whenever possible.  Thank you for helping us with this task.

Your visit begins with a conversation about how you’ve been feeling.  For a new patient, this involves a detailed history of your health care with assessments and exams to determine the extent of the process involved and how to proceed.  For existing patients, it’s a review of how your care is progressing.  You may be evaluated standing, sitting, lying face down or face up.  This may involve some muscle work first and then chiropractic adjustments.

If needed, you may have Functional Rehabilitation prescribed and administered.  This includes any soft tissue modalities such as microcurrent, ultrasound, laser, Trigger Point release, MyoFascial Release, etc.  You may even be prescribed homework in the form of therapeutic exercise.  We focus primarily on restoring connection with your core musculature.  I have developed a program called Core Restore which incorporates these exercises which usually starts with re-learning how to breathe properly.  Sometimes this is a slow progression based upon your level of care.

I believe in allowing the body time to heal when given the opportunity to do so.  This means allowing the body time to integrate the changes made during the adjustment or massage.  This may mean that you rest on the table for 20 minutes after receiving an adjustment.  It also means that you will have appointments spaced out according to your level of care.  One of the biggest complaints about chiropractic care is the FEAR of having to come in multiple times per week for the rest of your life.  Your care plan is written based upon the information exchanged during your initial visit, the findings from the exams and my experience helping many other people with similar patterns of health and healing.  It is not uncommon to start off with more frequent visits.  This is in order to re-train your body back in to functioning at your most optimal level.  Just like a gym membership, you can’t expect to have a healthy body if you only go to the gym to work out once and never return.  We have to break down old patterns of movement and re-create healthy and functional movement.

It should be mentioned that any soft tissue injury such as whiplash from a car accident, any ligament sprain or muscle strain usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks to heal.  To heal properly is the art and science of chiropractic care.  Sometimes you may need to come in more frequently in the beginning of care to ensure that everything heals properly with functionality.

Our ultimate goal is to get you out of pain and back to functioning without pain.  Most people choose to return for maintenance once or twice per month.  This depends on the level of activity you do.  If you are fairly active and taking care of yourself with massage, yoga, walking, you may only need to be checked once per month.  If you’re a weekend warrior and really pounding yourself without balancing activity with restorative self care, then twice a month is more appropriate for you.  There is no long term commitment or contracts to sign.  Just simply book an appointment or show up.

Most insurance plans are accepted such as BCBS, Cigna, AmBetter, and Medicare.

Know your insurance.
Medicare will not cover the initial exam ($275). Extremity adjustments, therapeutic massage, physiotherapeutics and functional rehabilitation exercises are an additional cost.
For your convenience with Medicare, there is a co payment of $45 for these additional services (in addition to your regular copayment).
Wellness & Maintenance visits are regular price.