Medicare + Chiropractic Benefits

Marietta Chiropractor

In a recent post, we discussed chiropractic benefits with health insurance.  Now we will look at chiropractic benefits with Medicare. In the state of Georgia, the Medicare part B annual deductible is $187.  The co-payment for Medicare is approximately $40.  All that this covers is the spinal manipulation.  It does… more

Chiropractic + Health Insurance = ????

Marietta Chiropractor

The number one question chiropractors are asked is, “Do you take insurance?”  I will admit to you, fewer and fewer chiropractors are accepting insurance these days.  This can be a very good thing, or not.  Let me explain. First, chiropractors are considered “Specialists” in the insurance world, so when you look at… more

Core Restore is finally here!

Imagine a Fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Rehabilitation and Movement without Pain.  Dr. Seebacher has taken years of experience from teaching all these movement classes and breaking them down for optimal performance for wounded athletes, weekend warriors and chronic pain survivors who don’t dare move a muscle in case it hurts.… more

Customizable Pain Relief

I believe in chiropractic care as a relationship between doctor and patient, providing customizable pain relief and teaching you how to care for yourself. My goal is basically to teach you how not to need me.  The important thing to remember though, chiropractic is not a product you use once… more


In the last year I have done a lot of NEW things: graduated from school for my lifelong dream career, opened my own business and now Blogging! I am a lifetime student and I love learning, especially so I can turn around and teach someone else. I have a lot… more