Why Fusion?

There are so many different types of healing modalities and healing techniques that are each unique, just like different people have different personalities.  The goal for each is to bring about healing to the individual seeking care.

I have been a massage therapist for over 20 years now, and the most frequently asked question has been “What kind of massage do you do?”.  I’ve always struggled to answer this question: neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, etc.  Calling it a “Cynthia massage” just didn’t seem to answer the question. How could I limit myself to just one type of massage when I had so many different tools in my tool box?  I would finally respond with “I provide the massage that the person who is on the table needs at that time.”

The next question most commonly asked when I started my Chiropractic career: What’s your favorite technique and what technique is the best one for “xyz”?  When I had to answer this question in a discussion post for one of my last classes in school, my response was similar to my massage response: I use whatever technique works the best for the person who is on my table at that time.”

EXAMPLE: chiropractic + massage = fusing chiro and massage for a relaxing, yet therapeutic experience, with extraordinary relief (Chiro-Massage)

Since the definition of FUSION is a process of combining 2 or more things in to one: the act of melting things together, Fusion Chiropractic is the result of using the skills and techniques that are necessary for whomever is on my table at that time.  Sometimes that means using the drop table and possibly an instrument to adjust.  Sometimes it might just be a mixture of myofascial release or neuromuscular therapy.  Sometimes it means blending both Chiropractic AND Massage in the same treatment.  We call this Chiro-Massage, where the person receives both a Chiropractic Adjustment and a one or two hour therapeutic massage.  Sometimes it’s a matter of blending therapeutic exercises with neurological hacks, to re-program the nervous system.

In Chiropractic philosophy,  we describe the causes of subluxation and nerve interference from Thoughts, Trauma, and Toxins.  We simply can not separate out our negative thoughts from the traumas we have endured and the toxins we mindlessly choose to manage it all.  Fusion Chiropractic, Chiro-Massage, Fusion Massage and Fusion Hypnosis are the ways we choose to release Thoughts, Trauma, and Toxins from the Body, Mind and Spirit of whole person healthcare.  Which one(s) will you choose?