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I have a rare genetic disorder called Lipodystrophy.  I use an insulin pump using an insulin that is 5 times stronger than regular insulin.  My body simply can not use the insulin it is getting.  I also have extremely high triglycerides (fat in the blood).  On labs, anything above 150mg/dL is high.  Mine are 5,000mg/dL!  This gives me pancreatitis at least once per year.  This year I have had to go every other week to have my blood plasma cleaned of all the lipids (fat).  My plasma looks like butter.  Normal plasma is clear and amber in color.

Plasma saturated with triglycerides over 5,000mg/dL. January 2021.
Normal plasma on the left. Plasma saturated with triglycerides on the right.

Along with this metabolic mayhem, my body can not produce the hormone Leptin, which tells the brain that you are satiated and no longer hungry.  I have insatiable hunger and I am hungry all the time, consuming an insane amount of food and calories.

I’ve reached my limit!  There isn’t much more that I can do.  I get so exhausted on the days leading up to when I can have my blood “cleaned”.  By that I mean laying still for 2 hours with large needles inserted into the largest veins in my arms – one to pull the blood out and one to put the clean blood back in.

I have practiced nutritional detox and cleanses, along with all sorts of diets since 1989.  I have tried pre-packaged meal plans, various shakes as meal replacement meal plans, 10 day detox cleanses, veganism, keto type diets and more.  My metabolism is so sensitive that it is difficult to find a balance with it all.  I learned the hard way that a ketogenic diet will not work when there is need for high amounts of insulin.

I am a chiropractor, massage therapist, medical hypnotherapist, yoga and Pilates instructor, and I have lived a healthy lifestyle for over 30 years.  All my schooling and training still had me baffled to find what would work for my body, without starving myself.

I’ve had a few of my patients try the Isagenix protocol for weight management and have wonderful results.  I wasn’t really interested in the weight loss aspect.  I just wanted the metabolic re-set to get the insulin to work more efficiently and try to lower my triglycerides.

I finally looked further in to Isagenix and quickly realized how nutritionally balanced the program is and how superior the ingredients are for a healthy lifestyle.  All the nutrients and supplements I have used individually over the years are all listed in so many of the products.  I was thoroughly impressed.  Impressed enough to invest in myself for this last chance.  In my mind, I could commit to anything for one month.  I didn’t even bother taking any before photos.  This was about a Metabolic Over-haul.

My new-body-birth-day started on July 22, 2021.  I didn’t feel hungry at all the first day, or the second day, or any day thereafter!  I completely forgot to drink my morning coffee for 3 days because I had so much energy and I was finally sleeping better.  I have sleep apnea and it was GONE on the second day!

On the third day, Sunday, I had to decrease the insulin in my pump by 50%.  By the 7th day, I had to decrease my insulin by another 50%.  Down 100% in just ONE WEEK.  By the way, I also lost 9 pounds the first week.  Of course, individual results will vary and I know that most “diets” gives you a nice drop the first week.

Day 10, the day for my plasma exchange.  The medical staff always draw my labs before the plasma exchange and then again after.  Let me remind you, my triglycerides usually run over 5,000mg/dL.  On this day, my starting triglycerides were 270mg/dL!!!  My cholesterol, which usually runs in the 700-800mg/dL range, were now 214mg/dL!  I had a room full of doctors, nurses and lab techs surrounding me and staring at my plasma… they could not believe their eyes.  Of course, this same thing happened back in February, only they were staring at the lipid infested plasma back then.

Day 10 clean plasma. August 2021.
Day 14, another 50% drop in insulin.  I tried not using the insulin pump and my blood glucose was stable, but on the high end of a normal range.  I prefer to be closer to the low end of normal, so my insulin pod remains until I see my endocrinologist next week.  Perhaps we can switch to a regular insulin in my pod, or possibly even discontinue using the pod.  Oh, I almost forgot… I’m down 14 pounds.

**Please note: do not attempt to adjust any medications or insulin levels without first consulting with your personal doctor.

Chiropractor Marietta
Chiropractor Marietta
Chiropractor Marietta
Chiropractor Marietta
Chiropractor Marietta
Chiropractor Marietta

4 week update.  I’ve lost 17 pounds.  My clothes are fitting looser.  My wedding ring, which I haven’t been able to wear for a few years because my fingers had gotten too big, now fits me perfectly.  I’ve seen my endocrinologist and we have a plan set in place for me to start weaning off several medications.  My resting heart rate used to consistently be around 105 beats per minute, now remains a consistent 69 beats per minute.  My blood pressure was always borderline high, even on medication, is now running low.  I noticed on a Zoom call last night that my face is not as full and I have lost several chins over the past month.  I actually could not stop staring at myself on the camera because I hadn’t seen my face and neck so beautifully toned in 10 years.

This Isagenix program is so simple, so easy, so delicious, that I plan on staying on the program for the rest of my life.  The nutrition is so densely packed and balanced.  I’ve started several of my patients on the program just for the nutrition aspect of it all, including those patients who need to put on weight (adding extra shakes) or who have not been able to eat due to severe nausea and pain, just so they can have the nutrition needed to heal.

Combining the weight loss program from Isagenix with my hypnosis patients for weight loss gives people the extra mind-set makeover and transformation to transition in to loving their body again and having a truly healthy lifestyle they love.