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Dr. Cynthia Seebacher has specifically chosen these supplements for her clients, see why.

A-F Betafood is a gallbladder supplement that supports bile production and includes an array of whole food and other ingredients to support healthy fat digestion.*A-F-Betafood-Fact-Sheet

AllergCo contains Albizia, Chinese Skullcap and Nigella to support a healthy response to seasonal stresses and maintain normal respiratory tract function.Allergco-Fact-Sheet

Black Cumin Seed Forte contains a whole plant extract of Black Cumin seed to support healthy liver and digestive function as well as the metabolism of fat.Black-Cumin-Seed-Forte-Fact-Sheet

Black Currant Seed Oil contains the essential fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Cardiotrophin PMG contains bovine heart PMG™ extract, a proprietary Protomorphogen™ blend.

Drenamin is a supplement for adrenal support that promotes healthy adrenal gland function, maintains energy production, and helps maintain emotional balance.*Drenamin-Fact-Sheet

Ligaplex I, a joint support supplement in a capsule, supports the body’s normal synthesis processes of connective tissue cartilage*

Ligaplex II is a connective tissue and joint support supplement that maintains connective tissue health.*

Manganese B12 contains manganese and vitamin B12 to support enzymatic functions.*

Pancreatrophin PMG contains bovine pancreas PMG™ extract, a proprietary Protomorphogen™ blend.

Phosfood Liquid provides a 120 mg daily dose (three servings – 9%DV) of supplemental phosphorus in liquid form.

Sesame Seed Oil is traditionally used for blood support.*

Thytrophin PMG is a bovine thyroid supplement that is designed to support healthy thyroid function.*

Zypan® combines pancreatin, pepsin, and betaine hydrochloride to facilitate healthy digestion.*