Customized Care

Please visit the Techniques page to read about the different options for your care.  Dr. Cynthia utilizes many different techniques to provide the best, most efficient chiropractic care for your healthcare needs.

Most people have poor posture, especially with “text neck” and sitting at a computer desk all day long, coupled with sedentary lifestyle choices for whatever reason.  When there is undue stress and tension on various body parts, the first thing people notice is a pain in the muscles, not even thinking about the long term effects on their spine.  That pain is a calling card from your body to pay attention, especially to what happens if that pain is ignored.

Other people may have had some sort of accident or trauma, or even a trauma from many years ago that didn’t cause any pain until recently.  Best yet, you’ve woken up and suddenly can’t turn your neck to see behind you or right next to you.

Then we have the chronic pain survivors, a special group of people who endure tremendous amounts of pain on a daily basis or in cyclical patterns that they lose function.  These special people have been to countless other doctors of varying specialties only to feel like the doctor doesn’t believe in their pain, says ‘it’s all in your head’, or prescribes medication that makes a Zombie Apocalypse an actual reality aka Opioid Epidemic.

Whatever your reason for seeking care, please know that your chiropractic care plan will be designed with your special needs in mind.  I will never ask you to do something I would not ask myself or a family member to do.  When you become a patient, or a practice member, you become a part of my chiropractic family.  I am invested in getting you out of pain, restoring function to your life, teach you how to listen to your body and find ways to make your overall health a reality, and maintain health and wellness for the rest of your life.

Your participation in your healthcare needs is just as important as my training and understanding of function in the human body.  Your care plan will be individualized to YOUR needs.  Some may focus more on soft tissue/muscle work paired with chiropractic adjustments, while others may focus more on corrective functional movement activities, and others may be told to go home and rest with ice on the sore spots for 20 minutes/20 minutes off.  The difference between care with Dr. Cynthia vs any other healthcare professional is that your feedback is always appreciated and encouraged.  If something does not feel right, please let me know.  If you’re the type of person who does not like a certain technique, let me know so that I can design your care based upon on your individual needs.  This is an evolving set of relationships not just between doctor and patient, but also you and your body.  I hope that you feel empowered by your experience and can carry this self-advocacy forward to your other healthcare professionals.