Customized Pain Relief

Have you ever been to the chiropractor who refuses to adjust you on the first visit? Or better yet, requires you to attend a patient education class and bring all your family and friends?  Or maybe you’ve visited one of those $20 places who will only care for you as long as you are a wellness patient, not actually in pain or have degenerative issues.

Well, this is NOT that kind of place.

Most people come to the chiropractor because they are in some kind of pain and want relief.  Dr. Seebacher strives to have the kind of patient experience she would want for herself and family.

After completing a through health history questionnaire and discussion, Dr. Seebacher will perform a series of tests designed to pin point the cause of the problem.  Should there be an indication for X-rays, you may be referred to have these done at a nearby clinic or at Life University Radiology Department. Your spine and surrounding muscles will be evaluated for movement and restrictions.  The same with your extremities – all the joints in your arms and legs.  Dr. Seebacher will also discuss with you any concerns about nutrition, emotions and stress, sleep habits and physical activity.  Together, a care plan is discussed and you will receive your first adjustment with any additional treatment to help you start the healing process and feeling better.

Your individual care plan is based on what is discussed in your health history, how your body responded to the exams and Dr. Seebacher’s experience in helping countless others with similar issues.  Contributing factors include how acute your pain level is and how long or chronic the problem is.  Most people come in twice weekly to start off, with the occasional person requiring three or more times in the first week just to stop that pain-spasm-pain cycle.  The goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible while still allowing your body the time it needs to integrate this new information.  You will progress to weekly visits as soon as your body is ready and eventually every other week.  You will also be evaluated for any Functional Rehabilitation necessary to promote healing and diminish pain.

Along with your chiropractic adjustments, it’s always a great advantage to add a therapeutic massage for 1 hour or more.  Dr. Seebacher has combined the chiropractic adjustment with therapeutic massage so you can receive the best of both worlds from the same person.  Dr. Seebacher has created her own Fusion Chiro-Massage that finds the keys to unlocking restricted body movement and releases pain generating spasm.  Most insurance plans do not cover massage, therefore it is an additional cost.  There is a discount applied when paying for Chiropractic + Massage using the Time of Service Discount.

Our goal is for you to function at your optimal health and maintain that optimal health.  Chiropractic care is not a product you use temporarily, it’s a process towards a lifetime of health and vitality.  Your individual healing process depends on you and your commitment to health.