What is functional Rehabilitation?

Functional Rehabilitation is a combination of physio-therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercises and lifestyle hacks to get through your day while coping with pain.

While some may perceive it as a blessing, the inability to load and unload the dishwasher or to clean the shower because of back pain, is not always an option to avoid completing such tasks.  This is where the FUNCTIONAL aspect of rehab takes place.

You may discover that your muscles are so tangled up and in spasm that not even the adjustment or massage can loosen that grip, Dr. Seebacher, D.C. may recommend the use of ultrasound, cold laser with microcurrent or electric stimulation with a TENS unit.  These modalities work down to the cellular level of healing, often bringing more circulation to the area to remove unwanted toxins, or creating a therapeutic level of inflammation to promote healing.

Functional muscle testing can help the detective process of finding which muscles are compensating for others and if there is a neurological disconnect from the brain to the body part that is hurting.  When we perceive pain or injury to a body part, the nervous system brilliantly adapts a new way of performing the same task while avoiding the injured area.  Over time, this becomes a compensatory habit that causes muscles to go “off-line” from the brain.  By performing certain exercises or stretches, we attempt to re-connect the Wi-Fi from your brain to the body part.  There will be homework for the patient to do in order to re-establish this brain-body connection.  Core Restore classes are also designed to help assist this process.

Many people ask about Decompression Tables.  Dr. Seebacher, D.C. believes there is a less expensive and just as effective way to perform the same task, and is patient friendly for take home use.  This may be as simple as using a supportive pillow, foam wedge or traction device.

On occasion, Dr. Seebacher, D.C. may recommend the use of a back brace or a trochanter belt.  These may be worn at certain times or for the entire day, depending on each individual case.  Kinesiotaping is also available to provide stability with mobility.

Some insurances will pay for certain modalities depending on your policy.
Functional Rehab is also available for a cost of $35/15 minutes.
*please note that massage and manual manipulation of muscles is not part of Functional Rehab, but you can always schedule 15 minutes for $50 or 30 minutes for $75. (performed by Dr. Seebacher, D.C.)