Why do I need Chiropractic Care?

Pregnancy – There are many chiropractic studies that show regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce labor pain and labor time. There are also techniques available if your baby is having difficulty getting into position just before birth.  We check this in the 7th -8th month to start the process of turning the baby.  Regular chiropractic and massage during pregnancy significantly reduces swelling, low back pain and even ‘pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome’.  Please make sure you are seeing someone who is certified in pregnancy massage and compassionate about mommy and baby care.

Infants/Pediatric care – Babies are so amazing to observe when receiving chiropractic care. The birthing process alone can be rather traumatic to the baby and even cause a subluxation of the first vertebrae in their neck.  Often this will show up as the baby being unable to nurse on one side or unable to turn their head.  I assure you the adjustment is gentle.  It looks more like playing with the baby and holding a finger where things need to move.  We can even address issues such as colic with tummy massage and exercises for the baby.

Back pain – Well this is a given. Back pain is the number one reason people seek chiropractic care.  I have several techniques in my toolbox to address this.  One thing I assure you won’t happen is the dreaded side posture adjustment.  Very rarely do I perform this simply because I have found other ways to accomplish the same thing that are more gentle to both you and me.  Sometimes this means we use the drop table to adjust your pelvis and back.  Sometimes we will use the Activator or the Impulse to move things back into place.  I also incorporate SOT blocking while addressing muscle techniques to reset the neurology between your brain and the body part that is hurting or injured.

Sports injuries – Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you’re swinging from the chandeliers – as long as you had fun while injuring yourself, we can treat it. Many sports injuries occur when there is a muscle imbalance causing distortion in the way you move your body.  I incorporate chiropractic for the spine and the extremities, as well as neuro-muscular therapy and neuro-kinetic therapy to work the muscles and the neurology.  You’d be amazed how often your brain shuts down parts of the body while the rest of the body has to figure out how to compensate.

Stress relief – Bet you never thought of going to the chiropractor for stress relief. Stress occurs when we are unable to adapt to our environment.  Whether it’s your nervous system is unable to adapt or your emotions, when we can re-set the neurology in your body, you are better able to adapt inside and out.  You would be amazed to find out that our muscles store emotional memories.  Just by touching a particular place can bring back memories or feelings that come up to be released.  I provide support to you during this time while continuing to work on the body as you express those memories any way that’s needed.  My role is to encourage you to release by any means you desire: laughing, crying, talking about it, cursing, screaming, breathing…


  • Migraines are such complicated conundrums that can send even the strongest person reaching for drugs to stop the pain. I have personally suffered with migraines my entire adult life and now watching my daughters suffer as well.  Getting adjusted helps immensely!  Getting massages are invaluable!  Once we can identify your triggers for migraine, we can work on prevention.  Getting adjusted takes pressure off the nerves and blood vessels in the back of the head as well as in the neck and helps to reset the musculature as well.
  • Many times a migraine is caused by TMJ misalignment and clenching the teeth. There is a special protocol for releasing the muscles of the jaw inside the mouth through massage, which will also help alleviate headaches.  The jaw and the pelvis are neurologically connected and mirror each other, so when there is distortion in your pelvis, it can cause distortion in your jaw.
  • Tension headaches are that band of tension across your forehead and your temples. Not as intense as a migraine or TMJ, but it can be.  Adjustments help to re-align the neck and re-set the muscles.

Accidents – Whiplash is the most common injury from a car accident. Speed upon impact, no matter how slow, can still make an impact and cause whiplash.  Whiplash symptoms are as diverse as the number of cars on the road.  Any pain in the neck, confusion, ringing in the ears, sleeplessness, irritability, difficulty moving the neck, numbness and tingling in the hands or feet, etc.  If you have been caught in a car accident, please don’t hesitate to come by as soon as you are cleared from the scene.  The sooner you start your care, the better the results.  I will work with you with insurance and fees.

Increased range of motion – Most people notice this is a problem when they can’t turn their head to back the car out of the driveway. The other time is when they realize they can’t bend down to put a sock on or to tie a shoe.  Whether it’s an injury or inflammation, come in to be evaluated and adjusted.

Increased energy – When your body is able to function more efficiently and adapt to it’s environment internally and externally, you no longer waste energy trying to fight yourself. Don’t believe me?  How did you feel when you had the flu or a cold or a hangover?  Your body was working really hard to heal itself from a virus or overconsumption.  You felt drained and wanted to stay in bed to ‘sleep it off’.  That’s your body trying to tell you it needs to rest to heal.  Once you were able to adapt and heal, your energy returned.  It’s the same thing with chiropractic.  We’re just helping the body adapt and function more efficiently.

Increased coordination – Sometimes when the brain becomes disconnected from parts of the body, there is lack of coordination. This could be seen in the elite athlete or in the child trying to learn a new skill.  Often it is seen in patients with pain.  The brain simply shuts off communication and tells the body to compensate in some other way.  Chiropractic helps to re-set the connection between your brain and your body.