Deep Core Abdominal Breathing

Work on your core strength with Deep Core Abdominal Breathing.

Take a deep breath in, press your low back in to the floor (or table) to engage your core.
As you exhale, curl yourself to reach past your hips.
Using the balloon helps you to exhale forcefully and completely.
You can stay in this position, inhale through your nose and continue to exhale blowing into the balloon.
Legs are propped on large gym ball to further challenge your core.

Remember that the CORE starts with your inner thigh muscles, the adductors, and includes the small muscle in the spine that braid the vertebrae together, called the multifidi.  The transvers abdominus acts like a corset around your abdomen.  In the case of diastasis recti, you may opt to use a towel to further squeeze everything together as your exhale and curl up.
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