Allergy Relief

A recent Facebook meme stated, “In Georgia, it does not snow… it pollens.” All the cars are covered in that yellow powder while prayers beg for the rain to come and wash it all away. In actuality, most people suffer the most with the pollens that we cannot see, usually a week or two before the yellow stuff makes its appearance. Symptoms are not always a stuffy or runny nose. Fatigue, headaches, insomnia, mood changes, even joint pain – all are symptoms of a toxic overload from pollen that is not visible. When I was a child growing up in the Atlanta area, every Spring I would fall asleep during class and have terrible headaches. The first doctor my mother took me to feared it was a brain tumor. Thankfully, that was ruled out and a more compassionate doctor decided it was Spring allergies. While I am certainly glad it was not a tumor (insert my best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression from Kindergarten Cop), I still suffered from pollen allergies with headaches, fatigue, watery eyes, etc. While I am a firm believer in trying every alternative method available before using medication, at the time, I had no idea about Chiropractic Care. Once I started getting my neck adjusted on a regular basis, I could handle the Spring much better. What really got me super excited was when I first had my sinuses adjusted. If the heavens didn’t open up for me personally, my head certainly opened and drained and flooded me with relief. Not all chiropractors will do this or even know about this. I’m not like other chiropractors.

If you are feeling that sinus pressure start to build up across the bridge of your nose, between your eye brows or even at the back of your head, stop by the office and allow me to release your sinuses. This also works for the cold and flu season as well, not just spring allergies. Between a suboccipital massage at the back of the head, use of some essential oils and then chiropractic, you’re in good hands for allergy relief.

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