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It’s been a rough week…

My mother passed away on Sunday.  This has hit me much harder than I ever thought it would, and I am moving through all of the feelings and mourning her loss.

I apologize to those whose appointments I had to cancel this week and I am so deeply touched with all the condolences and love.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you that I truly do follow my own advice.  My journey has been both complicated and blessed.  I’ve learned to overcome so many challenges in my lifetime.  I truly believe that God gives me certain situations just so that I can figure out how to handle things and then turn around and help others with that knowledge and wisdom.

Self Care.

For the wounded soul, it may seem selfish, but let’s really look at this. Self-ish. That is taking care of yourself so that you can continue to function without interference.  Taking care of yourself so that you can continue to care for others.  That also means allowing other people to take care of you when it is needed.  This week, I saw my therapist, my chiropractor and my massage therapist – all in one day.  I took care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I also allowed myself to cry, scream, sleep all day and do it all again the next day.  There’s no shame in taking care of yourself.

I used to work in psychiatric hospitals in the 90s.  I used to teach people how to take care of themselves, how to find coping skills in the things they enjoyed and most importantly, how to get in touch with and express feelings/emotions.  It has been my purpose in life to help people learn how to take care of themselves… and that lasting purpose continues.

I encourage you all to do at least one thing, every single day, to take care of yourself.  Then start to add two things to your daily repertoire.  Keep adding kindness to yourself… that kindness will spill over to your loved ones.

A hug that lasts more than 20 seconds is enough to release oxytocin and endorphins in the body to feel good.  That deep pressure also activates the parasympathetic nervous system – the rest & digest part of the nervous system.  This is why I always start my sessions with you by giving you deep pressure along your spine.  It’s also why I end every session with a hug.

Why is this so important?

My mother never allowed herself to feel this kind of loving hug… even from me.  I only got to give my mother one massage and one chiropractic adjustment.  I bought her a gift certificate to receive an aromatherapy massage and that finally started her journey of self-care.  I had to teach my mother that she was valued and worth taking care of. She was in her mid-sixties before she realized how valuable this kind of self-care could be.

Please don’t wait to take care of yourself.

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