@its-my-money-and-i-need-it-now asked:Hi there. I’m not sure if you’d be the person to…

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@its-my-money-and-i-need-it-now asked:

Hi there. I’m not sure if you’d be the person to talk to, but it seems at the very least you would know the people who I’d be able to talk to. I have a medical condition and it affects my ability to control and use the bathroom. Do you know if there is some sort of community out there thatd I be able to join? Thanks for your time and love your blog! ❤️

Hey! Great question. Not aware of any specifically, but I’ll bet readers can chime in with links 🙂

By the way, we do have an #incontinence tag with a few resources, if you haven’t run across it already!

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