Hypno Therapy with Dr. Cynthia, D.C.

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Allergy Relief

A recent Facebook meme stated, “In Georgia, it does not snow… it pollens.” All the cars are covered in that yellow powder while prayers beg […]


In the last year I have done a lot of NEW things: graduated from school for my lifelong dream career, opened my own business and […]

Customizable Pain Relief

I believe in chiropractic care as a relationship between doctor and patient, providing customizable pain relief and teaching you how to care for yourself. My […]

Core Restore is finally here!

Imagine a Fusion of Yoga, Pilates, Rehabilitation and Movement without Pain.  Dr. Seebacher has taken years of experience from teaching all these movement classes and […]

Marietta Chiropractor

Chiropractic + Health Insurance = ????

The number one question chiropractors are asked is, “Do you take insurance?”  I will admit to you, fewer and fewer chiropractors are accepting insurance these days.  […]

Marietta Chiropractor

Medicare + Chiropractic Benefits

In a recent post, we discussed chiropractic benefits with health insurance.  Now we will look at chiropractic benefits with Medicare. In the state of Georgia, […]

Female Marietta Chiropractor

Human Barometer

Are you a human barometer?  Have you ever wondered why you have a unique talent for knowing when a storm is coming?   Do your […]

Drive Time Therapy

Traffic in Atlanta is one thing we all tolerate to the best of our abilities.  Why not make the most of your time while at […]

Sprain, Strain, Pelvic Pain

“Doc! I can’t move.  I can’t get out of bed. I can’t even get in the car!”  When the pain is so bad that it […]

Happy Sunlight!

Happy Summer! Happy Sunlight! When I was kid, way back in the 1970’s and 80’s, I used to lay out in the sun covered in […]

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