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The Empowered Patient

In an effort to continue slowing the spread, here are the extra precautions we will continue to take even with more businesses reopening. -Disinfecting all […]

The Empowered Patient

In light of new regulations for being open during this global crisis, we have made some adjustments and extra precautions to keep everyone safe. We […]

The Empowered Patient

One of the most commonly asked questions about Chiropractic, does getting an adjustment hurt? Short answer no! Most patients feel less pain after an adjustment. […]

The Empowered Patient

You made it through the week! #fusionchiropractic #fusionchiro #drcsee #drcynthia #painfree

The Empowered Patient

The world is a little stressful right now, we understand and want to help. Contact us today for more info on how chiropractic can help […]

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