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Folding cane mods for short folks

Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seebacher D.C. are not offering free medical advice. Any information in the links provided are the opinion of the writer […]

Today is World Hypertension Day! Today is all about KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS. Being an informed and empowered patient means knowing YOUR body. Know your blood […]

Have you had a recent injury?

Have you had a recent injury? This is one of the most IMPORTANT times to continue seeing your chiropractor. Dr. Cynthia works in YOUR comfort […]


It’s been a long week, reward yourself. #getadjusted #fusionchiro #fusionchiropractic #chiropractic #chiropractor #friyay #painfree #chronicpainsurvivor

Thank you so much Kelly!

Thank you so much Kelly! We talk a lot about using all the tools in your toolbox to help your body and we do the […]

4 quick health tips!!!

4 Easy Health Tips1: Drink an extra glass of water 💦2: Take the stairs (If you are able) 🏃‍♀️3: Eat a green vegetable 🥦4: Get adjusted 😀#fusionchiro #fusionchiropractic #healthtip […]

Relax AND work on yourself

Did you know you can work on yourself while relaxing? All hypnosis clients go home with a recording of your session to play over and […]

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