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Hydration Tips!

Hydration is so important this time of year. With extended daylight hours, humid weather, and just awful heat indexes, we need to use all the […]

Massage is so important

Massage is something that so many of our patients find incredibly helpful. Do you think that massage might be for you? Chat with us today […]

Thank you so much Alex!!!!

Thank you so much Alex!!! We love to hear all about the success of our patients. It’s the most rewarding part of the business of […]

National Call The Doctor Day

Today is National Call Your Doctor Day!!!  This is your reminder, set up your next appointment today!! Call us, call your primary care, call your […]

Yoga snacks for summer activities

Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seebacher D.C. are not offering free medical advice. Any information in the links provided are the opinion of the writer […]

Weekend Plans??? Football

That’s A LOT of football……..#fusionshiro #fusionchiropractic #painfree #chronicpain #chiropractor #memes #chiropractormemes #comic

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