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FAQ: What other services do you offer outside of just being a Chiropractor? Dr. Cynthia was a massage therapist for a long time prior to […]

Happy March!!! Don’t forget to start the spring off right with the adjustment you KNOW you need. You can schedule your appointment right on our […]

Today is Rare Disease Awareness Day! This takes place worldwide, typically on or near the last day of February each year, to raise awareness among […]

Thank you for your trust and continued support Sandy! We love hearing how much we are able to help our patients live their best life. […]

We all LOVE sleep…but are you getting enough restful sleep? Sometimes getting enough sleep is the simplest and most effective self care tip. When our […]

Your body will always tell you when it’s time for a massage! If yours is screaming at you, it might be time. You can easily […]

We LOVE our patients here at Fusion Chiropractic. Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours….#fusionchiro #fusionchiropractic #happyvalentinesday #vday #weloveourpatients #painfree #chronicpainsurvivor #drcynthia #drcsee

Today is the International Day of Girls and Women in Science. Did you know that women make up less than 1 quarter of people employed […]

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Did you know that we adjust more than just your spine? Dr. Cynthia is your WHOLE BODY practitioner and will take care of your whole […]

Did you know that your Hypnotherapy Session includes a take home recording? This is something you will be able to sit down and focus on […]

Happy National Women Physicians Day! ? From our amazing Dr. Cynthia to all the other amazing female doctors out there, we love you and we […]

What do your bones say about you?

Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seebacher D.C. are not offering free medical advice. Any information in the links provided are the opinion of the writer […]

How many peoples posture has gotten WORSE since working from home? ??????It happens to the best of us…#fusionchiro #chiropractic #massage #selfcare #painfree #chronicpainsurvivor #fusionchiropractic #chiropractor […]

Thank you so much Sandi! We love that POTS and EDS patients have found a place here with us where their symptoms aren’t ignored and […]

Ready to book your next massage? We know it’s been a crazy few weeks, anyone that didn’t get sick over the holidays ended up out […]

Note to self: taking a self care day isn’t something you have to use as a reward. Sometimes you can just take care of yourself […]

FAQ: why do insurance companies not cover chiropractic? Or make it very hard to get chiropractic covered? Chiropractic has become more and more popular in […]

Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seebacher D.C. are not offering free medical advice. Any information in the links provided are the opinion of the writer […]

How’s everyone doing on their New Years resolutions? Whatever those look like to you, KEEP IT UP! You can do anything you set your mind […]

Has it been a while? Might be time to stop in and see Dr. Cynthia…#fusionchiro #chiropractic #massage #selfcare #painfree #chronicpainsurvivor #fusionchiropractic #chiropractor #getadjusted #adjustment

Ready for your new year adjustment? Time to recover from the holidays and the family and the stress of 2021! Time I schedule your next […]

January 3rd is International Mind-Body Wellness Day. Best way to celebrate? Do whatever self care makes you feel best! What relaxes your mind and body? […]

Happy New Year!

Happy 2022 from Fusion Chiropractic! We hope everyone had a safe and fun New Years Eve and is ready to go into 2022 with a […]

De-Stress Time!!!

Ready to de-stress from the holidays? Book your next massage now to relax from all of the family and stress and cleaning.  https://bit.ly/2YrCdOX…#fusionchiro #fusionchiropractic #chiropractor […]

Happy Holidays!!! We hope everyone enjoys the time of with the ones they love and maybe enjoys a few extra treats. ?…#fusionchiropractic #chiropractor #merrychristmas #happyholidays […]

Happy Holidays!

Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia Seebacher D.C. are not offering free medical advice. Any information in the links provided are the opinion of the writer […]

Holiday Hours

Reminder that Fusion Chiropractic’s office will be closed on December 25th and 26th to enjoy the holidays with our family. We can’t wait to see […]

Let’s Talk about the Vagus Nerve

“A lot of conversations by organizations and providers about the importance of the Vagus Nerve in the last few years. Chiropractic has been discussing the […]

just massage things

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You made it this far!

You did it! You survived the first round of holiday stress!  Now is the perfect time to book your holiday appointments. Remember to get on […]

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Let’s talked about EDS! Something Dr. Cynthia has seen in many patients is hyper-mobility. This is the ability of a persons joints to go further […]

Today is World Diabetes Day! We wanted to take a second to feature Dr. Cynthia and her handy dandy pod. Living with Type 1 or […]

Why do we love Dr. Cynthia?

Why do we love Dr. Cynthia?  Because her specialties are working with chronic illness patients, patients with disabilities, and she TRULY cares about the whole […]

Ready for Holiday Shopping?

Just be KIND on Black Friday, don’t talk to strangers, don’t run your cart into anyone else…#drcsee #drcynthia #massage #massagetherapist #blackfriday #holidayseason #holidayshopping

Continuing Education

This month, Dr. Cynthia will be attending lectures and training to help expand her knowledge on Functional Neurology and working with Dysautonomia patients. While she […]

Do you feel it???

Time for your next adjustment? Your body will always tell you when it’s ready. It’s so easy to grab your next appointment right from our […]

We Love your skeleton

We LOVE Skeletons over here Happy Halloween from Fusion Chiropractic and Dr. Cynthia…#fusionchiro #fusionchiropractic #chiropractor #happyhalloween #halloween #nobonesaboutit #skeleton #skeletonarmy

Ready for a massage?

Not sure if massage is right for you? Here are a list of the benefits people look for when getting a massage. This is why […]

Why come see Dr. Cynthia

Why is Dr. Cynthia such a talented expert?Dr. Cynthia (Dr. Cynthia Seebacher, D.C.) has over 25 years of clinical experience working with patients who live […]

Health Tip! Did you know your gut health is super important to your whole body health? Here are some foods that help keep your gut […]

Let’s talk about EDS and Chiropractic.

Let’s talk about EDS and Chiropractic. Some of the most common symptoms of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) include chronic joint pain, ligament laxity/hypermobility, dislocations and subluxations, fatigue, […]

Let’s Talk POTS

Because this month is Dysautonomia Awareness Month, we wanted to talk a little about some of our very special POTS patients.  Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome […]

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day.

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. We strive for WHOLE BODY wellness, that includes your mental health. Is chiropractic, massage, or hypnosis part of your […]

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