Mother’s Day can be a beautiful day of celebration… or an anxiety producing dread. Social Media is bombed with devout statements of how someone’s mother is the best mother in the world. I don’t doubt that. For those whose mothers have passed away, this day can be even more difficult as you mourn the loss of your mother. There is a whole other side to the mother-child relationship that doesn’t get mentioned very often.

What happens when you have a toxic relationship with your mother? Do you post that on social media? Do you dare tell someone you’ve been abused by the very person who is supposed to love you unconditionally? I didn’t realize how prevalent of an issue this is, especially when it is a mother-daughter bond, until my own mother passed away earlier this year. For some reason, daughters feel very protective of not letting others know that their mother was not a supportive, unconditional loving person we hoped she could be.

For those women and daughters, sometimes called motherless daughters or unloved daughters, I have found an amazing book that describes that mother-daughter bond and why it is such an important aspect of how we, as women, react and/or respond to things in our adult life. It’s called Daughter Detox by Peggy Streep. In this book, there are scientific and psychological studies that outline the effects of a toxic relationship AND gives steps on how to reclaim your life from those childhood experiences. From those days that I used to work in psychiatric hospitals and fast forwarding to the emotional healing that takes place on my table, I am excited that a book like this has been written and in such a way that it empowers the reader to recognize the pattern without placing blame, guiding the reader to her own journey of healing.

For the journey of needing to feel ‘mothered’, the journey to healing starts with loving yourself first. Give yourself a special gift for Mother’s Day: whether you are a mom of young children or adult children, bonus moms and chosen moms, dads who are both mother and father, and mothers of fur babies. Gift Cards this week are 20% off. Feel free to stock up on Gift Cards to use for later or to give to someone else.