In the last year I have done a lot of NEW things: graduated from school for my lifelong dream career, opened my own business and now Blogging! I am a lifetime student and I love learning, especially so I can turn around and teach someone else. I have a lot of opinions that are not mainstream, but also don’t follow the alternative medicine revolution. Now that I am in my (still) maturing middle age, I’m not concerned about following the masses and I know how to use my discernment skills to decide what is right and not right for myself, my family, and my patients.

I have successfully turned my social media outlet into an educational experience that keeps me up to date on trends in my industry. I tend to forward or re-post a lot of information on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/Dr.CynthiaSeebacher. My Marketing Mistress has now cracked the whip at me to start writing my own so that you can be educated and pass along information too. During this process, I hope that you,

too, will share things that interest you, tell me about your experiences and ask questions that intrigue you.

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