Primal Reflex Release Technique

The fastest way to make a change in the human body is to address it through the nervous system.  

We are born with a variety of reflexes designed to keep us safe.  Most people are aware of the withdrawal reflex where someone pulls their hand back quickly after touching a hot stove.  Babies have what is known as the Startle reflex, aka Moro Reflex.  There’s also the Rooting Reflex where the baby’s cheek touches it’s mother’s breast and baby instinctively turns the head towards the breast for feeding.

Sometimes these reflexes can get stuck “on” and keep us from fully relaxing the body as adults.  In the nervous system, a body part is stimulated and the message travels to the spine, up the spinal cord and into the brain where the information is processed, then sent back down the spinal cord to the level that innervates the body part, telling the body part what needs to happen.  The reflex moves even faster, staying at that same level of the spine without having to travel up to the brain and back down again.

Primal Reflex Release Technique works with these primal reflexes to make lasting changes in the body, especially when pain is involved.  PRRT (pronounced “pert”), is a manual-therapy approach for musculoskeletal pain relief. Proven effective in over 80% of patients, PRRT accomplishes in seconds what other therapies can over time. PRRT is based on the premise that over-stimulation of the body’s primal reflexes creates pain and keeps painful patterns occurring long after the triggering event has passed.

One of the most amazing aspects of PRRT is that we will know very quickly if your body responds favorably.  Creator, John Iams, claims that if there is not a reduction in symptoms using PRRT in four visits, PRRT is not the right modality for that particular patient.  Better in Four or Schedule No More!

PRRT works well with other modalities as well, including chiropractic, massage and physical therapy.  PRRT actually enhances the work of the other healing techniques.

3 years ago, I lifted an 80 pound bag of cement that had gotten wet, which meant the bag now weighed more than 80 pounds.  This resulted in bulging discs and back pain that has been managed with chiropractic and massage for the past 3 years.  As I was learning the PRRT technique, I was able to receive PRRT treatment.  All I can say is that after receiving my first treatment, the next morning was the first time in 3 years that my back did not hurt.  No pain.  No morning stiffness.  Wow!

For those patients seeking pain relief, but are not ready for chiropractic care for whatever reason, great results can be achieved using PRRT alone.

Your initial visit for PRRT includes a comprehensive exam, medical history and treatment.  This takes about 90 minutes.  Follow up visits are made approximately one week apart, lasting about 30 minutes.

Most people report feeling significantly better before leaving the office after their first visit, followed by some of the best nights’ sleep ever experienced.

As your body rests and sleeps, getting in to actual REM sleep is important.  The first night’s REM sleep, your body is trying to figure out what happened that is making it feel so much better.  The second night’s REM sleep, the body challenges what has been done.  The third night’s REM sleep is when the body is able to decide what it will keep and what it will discard as far as healing is concerned. This time is important for the body to integrate healing and perform with better function.  Healing is not just about pain relief, it’s also about being able to function better than you have before.

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