Quarantine Fatigue symptoms are PTSD, anxiety, anger, irritability, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, diminished work capacity. Coping skills include acknowledging the feelings, talking or writing about the feelings, release the feelings and self-care.

Quarantine Fatigue

Quarantine Fatigue

We have been in a Quarantine for 7 – 8 weeks now.  We had to adjust to a “new normal” of sheltering-in-place to slow the spread of the virus and not overwhelm our healthcare systems.  At first, we had plenty of celebrities entertain us on our computer or phone screens, and we even had some people to entertain us with everything from home exercise programs and cooking.

The one thing no one has really mentioned is the mental health aspect of being part of a global pandemic and what do we do to keep our sanity.  Most people are highly resilient to tough and challenging times in our lives.  There is always that sense hope for the future and the strength to persevere despite all the challenges we may face.

But this is different…

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